Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George, who is quite possibly the most annoying anti-Trump account we follow, attempted to dunk on President Trump’s Moon-Mars tweet we told you about on Friday but he failed miserably:

Have a look:

But what’s more interesting is that the Trump Alert account, which for the most part is an automated bot that alerts followers whenever anyone in the Trump orbit follows, RTs or like a tweet, broke the third wall to scold the lesser Conway for his snark:

“Trump Alert” is 100% right, of course. NASA even calls it the “Moon to Mars” program:

Here are a few other  examples of blue-check account who know better but are going for the cheap hit anyway:


Hollywood needed to get in on the action, too:

For people that think they’re smarter than the president, there certainly have been quite a few really dumb takes on all of this.