Conservative New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz, who was born in the Soviet Union, unleashed the proverbial holy hell on Bernie Sanders and “The Daily Show” over a segment they did on socialism which aired last night.

First up, here’s how Karol came to be on the show in the first place:

You can watch it here, the “it” being the two hours of substantive discussion condensed into a minute:

And now for the a**-kicking. . .

“The Daily Show” thought it would be amusing to turn the story of Karol’s great-grandfather getting murdered in a Soviet gulag into a freaking joke:

Then Karol let “honeymooned in Moscow” Bernie have it:

And it’s not surprising that the fact check wasn’t a fact check at all:

This “powerful exchange” didn’t make the show:

But wait, there’s more! Karol isn’t done slapping Bernie around:

Millennials were not expecting math on this test:

This will never happen though:

And the strong finish: