Problematic anti-Trump author Michael Wolff was a guest on CNN last night to discuss his new book (which has already been discredited by the way):

But then CNN’s Brian Stelter used the unreliable source in his “Reliable Sources” newsletter in an attempt to suggest President Trump is having a “meltdown”:

John Berman questioned Wolff about his sourcing and methods on Tuesday’s “AC360.” Here’s the full segment. Wolff said “I’m trying to give a picture of what Trumpworld is,” and called it a “crazy place.” He defended his decision not to always call certain subjects — like the White House and Fox News — for comment by saying Trumpworld is full of liars.

When Berman asked what Wolff wants people to take away from “Siege,” he said, “I think that it gets crazier and crazier. That Donald Trump is more isolated, more alone.” He called it “the story of a meltdown. One of the greatest political meltdowns of all time.”

Stelter transitioned from that Wolff quote above directly into this screenshot of President Trump’s response to Bette Midler spreading fake news about him:

You see, fake news from a Facebook rando is only something that should be addressed by the media. When the president does so against a celebrity with 1.5 million-plus Twitter followers, it shows he’s having a “meltdown.”



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