MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough lashed out at the Washington Examiner over a headline that read, “@JoeNBC compares @realDonaldTrump to ‘short, fat, little man behind the curtain.’ Scarborough tweeted back that this was  “anger-inducing clickbate” [sic] and “A better one would be ‘JS Compared Trump to Wizard of Oz'”:

Except, the Examiner’s headline was 100% accurate and it’s clear that Scarborough meant for it to be derogatory, not just that Trump was the “man behind the curtain.” Here’s what Scarborough said:

“The question is, will those voters discover that this billionaire, that this plutocrat is nothing more than the short, fat, little man behind the curtain in ‘The Wizard of Oz.”

And here’s the video with Scarborough acting out the “fat, little man” pushing buttons and Mika Brzezinski calling Trump a “fat, little man” in case the point wasn’t clear:

Of note, this is the second time Scarborough has referred to Trump as “the fat little guy behind the curtain.” From January:

Or was he misquoted then, too?