Rep. Dan Crenshaw has weighed in on a potential pardon for Nave SEAL Ed Gallagher who, according to the New York Times, is being considered for a pardon by President Donald Trump:

Gallagher, who was accused of killing civilians by fellow SEALs from his platoon, is

In April, a military judge ruled that prosecutors can use the information found on one of Gallagher’s cell phones at the court-martial. From the Navy Times:

The military judge overseeing the court-martial proceedings for accused SEAL war criminal Chief Special Warfare Operator Edward “Eddie” Gallagher has ruled that information gleaned from his seized cell phones can be used as evidence by the prosecution.

Capt. Aaron Rugh’s decision late Friday clears prosecutors to use a string of text messages and other data they believe will buttress their allegations that Gallagher, 39, stabbed to death a seriously wounded and unarmed Islamic State prisoner of war during a 2017 deployment to Iraq and later tried to cover up the killing and intimidate potential witnesses.

A spokesman for Navy Region Southwest, the convening authority in Gallagher’s court-martial trial at Naval Base San Diego, declined comment.

Rep. Crenshaw, who is a retired Navy SEAL, told National Review that the president should hold off on his pardon decision until after the trial:

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Crenshaw had earlier asked the Secretary of the Navy to review Gallagher’s pre-trial confinement: