Donald Trump’s lawyers have now formally appealed a federal court ruling that refused to block a House subpoena of the president’s tax returns via his accounting firm, Mazars USA. The judge who will hear the appeal is Merrick Garland, who lost out on a SCOTUS seat in 2016:

“Karma, folks” writes the HuffPost:

Mazars may comply with the subpoena, however:

And libs are pretty giddy over the prospect of Garland hearing the appeal:

But “this is not the burn folks think it is”:

Are libs not familiar with Garland’s past rulings? It’s one of the reasons Dems didn’t push harder for him in 2016 because they assumed Hillary would win and they could get someone more liberal:

From The American Conservative in 2016:

“The guy is clearly in the pocket of the executive branch,” offered constitutional lawyer Bruce Fein, a bit more bluntly. “He hasn’t written anything that suggests he has ever dissented from this inclination, from being entrenched with the executive on all issues of foreign policy.” To think one can separate post 9/11 domestic surveillance and counterterrorism from foreign policy, Fein added, “is ridiculous.”

Or maybe libs figured Garland would defer to Democrats once he was on SCOTUS?

We’ll soon see if this is the case: