Dems are busy trying to prove President Donald Trump is violating the Constitution’s emoluments clause and is profiting from the presidency, which could then lead to impeachment:

And that dream is taking a hit after two new articles, one from Bloomberg and the other in the Washington Post, say that the presidency is costing Trump a ton of money.

First up, here’s Bloomberg on how apartments in Trump Tower are selling at a loss and more importantly to the Trump Organization’s finances, retail space in lobby remains vacant:

“No one wants in that building,” Bloomberg reports:

And the Washington Post added this morning that the president’s resort in Doral, FL is hurting:

According to the Post’s article, the resort is asking for a tax break because of the decline in Trump’s brand:

In other words, Trump is giving up money to be president, which we can expect to hear more of once the 2020 campaign gets in full swing:



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