By now you’ve seen or heard that Daenerys Targaryen, also known by her Dothraki title of Khaleesi, went full Mad Queen on HBO’s “Game of Thrones” last night and burned King’s Landing after the city surrendered to her troops:

It got pretty bad:

It’s going to be a rough morning for some people:

And for hundreds of others, a lifetime of mockery awaits:

Is it so wrong to laugh?

According to the Social Security Administration, 560 baby girls born in 2018 were named Khaleesi:

And this doesn’t even include misspellings of Khaleesi. From NBC News:

The 560 baby girls born last year named Khaleesi might want to be thankful they were not one of the 19 named Caleesi, or the five named Khaleesie (“yes, Khaleesi but with an ‘e’ at the end”).


We’re also going to laugh at people who got Khaleesi tattoos: