Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) seems pretty smitten with China as evidenced by this tweet where he calls on America to “start investing in our people” in order to build more “high-speed rail, broadband, renewables and universities”:

And this could be one of the worst tweets we’ve read from a congressman this year:

Does Rep. Khanna count “re-education” camps as universities?

And what about the Uyghurs that China put in concentration camps:

Like FDR, Rep. Khanna is pro-internment camp:

It’s an “investment in people”:

THIS is what Rep. Khanna is endorsing, via CNN: “Former Xinjiang teacher claims brainwashing and abuse inside mass detention centers”:

And if the camps aren’t a problem for Rep. Khanna, China’s development hasn’t really been people friendly:

And maybe he wants America to start stealing technology from other countries, too?

Let’s add China’s one-child policy and the Tiananmen Square massacre to the list:



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