This is a remarkable thread from Arabic Al Aan TV reporter Jenan Moussa on a cellphone she found in Syria filled with photos and videos of “#ISIS widow Omaima Abdi” who had married two of Germany’s “most known ISIS members.” It was assumed that she was killed in Syria, but that’s not the case. Moussa tracked her down and discovered that she is now “quietly living” in Hamburg, Germany “as if nothing happened.”


These “pics from Omaima’s phone give uncensored view &hard evidence into life of a top ISIS widow”:

More on the content of the phone:

Police in Germany are now investigating:

You can see more photos from her phone here:

For some reason, the ISIS terrorist didn’t want to talk to a reporter:

So, how did she return to Germany so easily?

Exit question: What happens to her 2nd husband and kids now?


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