It’s science so it must be true:

Bonus? The cow toilet uses a robot of some sort to help stimulate urine production. From AFP:

Tests have started on a farm in the Netherlands on the device which collects some of the 15 to 20 litres of urine that the average cow produces a day.

That produces huge amounts of ammonia in a country like the Netherlands, which is the world’s second biggest agricultural exporter after the United States.

“We are tackling the problem at the source,” Henk Hanskamp, the Dutch inventor and businessman behind the “Cow Toilet”, told AFP Friday.

“A cow is never going to be completely clean but you can teach them to go to the toilet.”

The way the toilet works is “udderly” ingenious.

The urinal is in a box placed behind the cow, while in front is a feeding trough. Once the animal finishes eating a robot arm stimulates a nerve near the udders, which then makes it want to urinate.

A robot hand . . . like this?

Wait until AOC hears this news and she tries to convince Congress to spend a few billion on this boondoggle: