President Donald Trump just vetoed the resolution terminating his declared National Emergency on the southern border:

He then gave the pen to one of the Angel moms in attendance:

If you’re keeping score at home, this was the president’s first veto:

AG Bill Barr was in attendance and reiterated that this action is “clearly authorized under the law”:

More comments from the president:

Now it’s back to Congress. From the WSJ:

Though an override of Mr. Trump’s veto seemed unlikely Friday, the dynamic could be altered when details become known of which military-construction projects Mr. Trump intends to draw from and lawmakers look to protect interests in their states.

The House is expected to vote to override the veto on March 26, according to a Democratic aide, but the effort isn’t expected to succeed. The House rejection of the emergency passed late last month with 245 votes, some 45 votes short of the needed two-thirds level in the chamber. The 59 votes it received in the Senate were short of the 67-vote threshold that would be needed there.

And this will surely complicate upcoming budget negotiations:

Get ready for the executive orders?

Video of the signing here: