Politico and the Washington Post reported yesterday that former Vice President Dick Cheney ambushed current Vice President Mike Pence at an exclusive retreat hosted by the American Enterprise Institute, saying President Trump’s foreign policy “looks a lot more like Barack Obama than Ronald Reagan”:

According to reports, Cheney “ditched the script” to go after the Trump administration and Pence wasn’t prepared for it:

Anyway, that brings us to this awesome kumbaya moment. Leave to Dick Cheney to unite MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. . .

. . .And Donald Trump Jr:

Even funnier? Claude Taylor, the guy who behind those anti-NRA billboards who follows the president around with a giant inflatable rat with the president’s hair, called Cheney the “voice of reason.” So the former veep is right and Trump’s foreign policy is bad because it’s like Obama’s?

What an incredible self-own.