While surveying the tornado damage in Alabama on Friday, President Trump signed Bibles at this Baptist church:

And somehow this is controversial. Here’s ABC’s Matthew Dowd criticizing the president and the people who asked for him to sign the Bible:

Here’s what it looked like:

Media reports say the president was greeted with applause when he signed the Bible of a 12-year-old boy:

The Washington Post called it a “hero’s welcome”:

Keep in mind, we’re talking about “at least two Bibles,” not like a hundred Bibles or something. From the Post:

Inside a Baptist church, the president autographed at least two Bibles for an adoring horde of volunteers, who were packed eight-deep around tables of recovery supplies. Thousands waved and cheered along the roadways, some paved and some not, with nary a protester in sight. Crowds greeted him in a wrecked neighborhood with MAGA (Make America Great Again) signs, Trump chants and a mannequin decorated with Trump merchandise outside a crushed home.

And as Michelle Malkin helpfully points out, this isn’t anything new:

But to the blue check? It was just another chance to mock the president:

Guys, take one day off, ‘eh?