With sources telling the media Joe Biden is 95% likely to run in 2020. . .

. . .the Washington Post and CNN have dug up some old clips of Joe Biden talking race issues, and it’s safe to say he does not fit in with the Democrat party in 2020.

First up, here’s the Washington Post with some soon-to-be campaign killers from the former VP on busing:

“Who the hell do we think we are, that the only way a black man or woman can learn is if they rub shoulders with my white child?”

You see, America has “lost our bearings” and desegregation is different than integration:

“It’s racist” to say “In order for your child with curly black hair, brown eyes, and dark skin to be able to learn anything, he needs to sit next to my blond-haired, blue-eyed son”:

And here’s “the real problem with busing”:

“And I’ll be damned if I feel responsible to pay for what happened 300 years ago.”

Next up, here’s CNN with some old clips with Biden talking the crime bill:

“I don’t care why they became a sociopath.”


Team Biden says this was only because the GOP was strong on crime, or something:

Get ready for Clinton 2.0: