Guys, you might not believe this, but CNN’s Jim Acosta is at it again, this time bitching about which outlets President Trump called on in his news conference in Hanoi this morning.

The implication from Acosta here is clear that the president avoided U.S. outlets in favor of state media and Sean Hannity to avoid questions on Michael Cohen:

Acosta later went on CNN and made the same claim:

“. . .well, first of all Christine I think we have to point out the obvious that the president steered clear, largely during this news conference, of the White House press corps and was instead selecting journalists at random from the other side of the room where there were foreign journalists seated. He didn’t even know who he was calling on at times. He was calling on reporters from Russian state media, Chinese state media, Sean Hannity from Fox and largely just avoiding taking questions from the White House press corps. I think that was by design. That was because because he didn’t really want to answer the questions about Michael Cohen. . .”

But that’s not exactly what happened, as Ryan Saavedra points out. The president did take many questions from U.S. outlets, including the New York Times, Washington Post, ABC News, CBS News and on and on:

You see, what Acosta is really angry at is that the president called on international correspondents and not White House correspondents, which means he didn’t get to ask a question:

Here’s the transcript from Vox and you can see everyone the president did call on. For example. . .

Major Garrett, CBS News:

Major, please.

>> Has this process been more difficult than you thought, and was the north Korean demand for lifting of some sanctions the real sticking point here in that you did not want to do that and they did —

David Sanger, NYT:

David Sanger from “The new York Times.” Six months ago when you spoke or eight months ago in Singapore you said if you didn’t have something in six months we should come back and ask you about it. In that time you have seen chairman Kim increase the number of missiles he’s produced and continue to produce more nuclear material, and that’s been a pressure point on you because he’s showing the arsenals getting larger while this is going on.

Jonathan Karl from ABC News did ask a question about Cohen, but we assume Acosta wanted a news conference that occurred just after the United States walked away from the negotiating table with North Korea to focus more on the president’s former lawyer: