It appears billionaire Elon Musk is a gigantic climate hypocrite.

From the Washington Post on the founder of Tesla and SpaceX’s 150,000 miles of private jet use in 2018:

The Post reported that one flight was between Los Angeles and Oakland so Musk go watch a competitive video game tournament:

But here’s the craziest anecdote: Musk’s plane would often fly from one side of Los Angeles to the other so it would be closest to whatever company he was working at:

Tesla said Musk never used the plane to fly between different spots in Los Angeles. But the jet would fly to meet him at a closer airport if, say, he began his workday at SpaceX’s office on the south side of L.A. and the plane was on the north side, the company said. Some of these repositioning flights only went about 20 miles, the aircraft data show.

And this graphic of all his flights is fantastic:

“Musk’s travel stands out,” writes the Post. You think?

There’s no comment from Musk on the report yet, but he did tweet this:

And this, kids, is why we call BS on the climate apocalypse.



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