It’s official!

Starbucks founder Howard Schultz is considering a centrist independent campaign for president:

And he wants America to finally come together:

This can be his slogan?

But it’s safe to say that UVA political scientist Larry Sabato is not a fan because it may help re-elect Donald Trump:

The theory here is that the billionaire sounds more like a Dem than a member of the GOP:

Sabato even floated was has to be the first Russia conspiracy theory for Schultz’s proposed run:

This theory will only grow in the coming weeks and months:

No, this does seem new:

Special Counsel Bob Mueller should interview why “60 Minutes” helped promote Schultz ASAP!

We should note that not everyone thinks Schultz would help Trump, which makes Sabato’s Russia conspiracy theory even worse:

For example, Schultz is against deficits and thinks our $21-trillion debt is the “greatest threat domestically” to America:

But, for the most parts, Dems seem pretty terrified of his candidacy:


LOL. Get the popcorn and now we hope he runs: