Editor’s note: See update below.

Author K. Thor Jensen mocked the death of The Federalist’s Bre Payton by highlighting something she tweeted about vaccines in 2011 when she had just turned 19-years-old:

Update: He deleted it, so here’s a screenshot:

Here’s what Jensen is referring to:

We have no idea the context here or what else was going on, but are we really holding people to what they said as 19-year-olds?

We did a quick search and there’s absolutely nothing else we can find on vaccines, so, take a bow:

This could be one of the trashiest takes we’ve ever seen on this website:

He does know how selling books works, right?

He’ll soon find out:

Jensen is also a contributor to PC Mag:

Of course, he’s breaking Twitter’s rules:

But will Twitter dare take away his blue check?

Update: He’s apologized: