Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin issued a statement a few minutes ago to say he had a conference call with the heads of the six biggest banks and assured investors that there was “ample liquidity for investing” despite the government shutdown:

Mnuchin made calls to “Bank of America; Citi; Goldman Sachs; JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley; and Wells Fargo”:

Except nobody seems to be worried about liquidity issues in the market right now:

Should we be worried about liquidity issues?!?

Mnuchin’s recent past statements on the stock market drop don’t exactly match up with what he just released:

Monday morning should be fun:

The question is, “Did Mnuchin’s statement help or hurt?”

“Preparing for the worst” is a scary thought:

Some experts think this has more to do with the president’s recent comments on the Fed chairman than liquidity issues:

But many others are saying the “statement brings back memories of 2008”:

And it’s not just liberal critics calling out Mnuchin for this:

A source told CNN the statement was “pre-emptive”:

On the other hand, “if it was a real crisis, Mnuchin wouldn’t tell the public of these steps”:

It could be that Mnuchin just signaled to the banks to make sure they’re staffed tomorrow just in case:

Mnuchin will also hold a call with White House advisers on Monday:

But he’ll be leading the meeting from Mexcio where he’s on vacation with his family:

Hopefully he’s getting money for the wall while he’s there…