NYT reporter and ISIS expert Rukmini Callimachi has an update on the horrific story we told you about yesterday on the two Scandinavian hikers who were murdered by ISIS terrorists in Morocco earlier this month.

First up, some background ICYMI our post yesterday…

Government officials have confirmed the authenticity of a video getting shared in the Middle East that shows one of the terrorists beheading one of the women:

The video is really, really bad:

Now for the update…

In the video, one of the terrorists is heard saying the attack was “revenge for Hajin”:

Hajin is a town in Syria that was just liberated by Kurdish and U.S. forces:

Also, 9 more people were arrested in connection with the attack which brings the total to 13:

Sources are telling Callimaci that “at a minimum” the attack was “inspired” by ISIS:

And note how will reports of ISIS’ demise around the world, the number of places where Westerners can travel safely continues to shrink:

And she notes that ISIS was almost defeated before: