In a series of tweets this morning, President Donald Trump slammed Dems on wall funding and declared “one way or the other, we will win on the Wall”:

Trump then tweeted that the “United States Military will build the Wall!”:

These tweets may have been prompted by “Fox & Friends” this morning where they were openly critical of the president and what looks to be his backing away from his pledge to be “proud” to shut down the government unless the wall got funded:

Host Steve Doocy pointed out that if the White House agrees to a continuing resolution, then there will be zero new dollars for the wall:

The hosts did put some of the blame, rightfully so, on Republicans in Congress:

Brian Kilmeade asked why Trump didn’t try to use leverage on infrastructure spending to get the wall money he asked for:

Doocey: “effectively, the Democrats win” with a CR:

They challenged Kellyanne Conway as well:


Earlier, Conway told reporters that the White House would consider a CR, but that didn’t mean the White House was backing down:

But it sounds like GOP senators are at least anticipating that Trump will sign it:

And Chuck Schumer warned that using the military to build the wall is not a given:

To be continued.