CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy called out CNN anchor Chris Cuomo because he had the temerity to interview Kellyanne Conway for his show:

From Contemptor:

“If Kellyanne wanted to come on and have a genuine discussion about policy that was rooted in facts, I think that would be one thing,” Darcy noted. “But it’s very clear that when she does come on, she’s aiming to deflect, she’s deceiving the audience. She’s spreading misinformation. And I think that’s the problem.”

He said that he could see Cuomo’s point that he “wants to share the other side” and the White House can’t answer some of the pressing questions of the day, but Darcy felt there were other ways to go about it.

“He could show and play audio of the president contradicting himself,” the CNN reporter stated. “There are ways that you can illustrate to the audience that the White House has no good questions for the pressing issues. A 40-minute sparring back and forth with Kellyanne Conway? I’m not sure what purpose that serves the viewer.”

Video here:

Is this a format change for the network where we’ll see the anchors and writers wage war on each other? If so, more please:

Let them fight!