The union representing writers and editors at Slate announced that members have voted overwhelmingly in favor of a strike as the union and management continues to negotiate a new contract:

The union members, who write many articles against right-to-work laws, are outraged that management wants to include a right-to-work clause in the contract:

In other words, Slate’s managers love all of the clicks from articles bashing right-to-work laws, but that pro-union view is only other companies:

It’s time to “step up and live by the values the publication espouses,” writes the HuffPost union:

No date has been set for a strike, however:

More from Bloomberg:

Slate’s editorial employees authorized the potential strike by a vote of 52 to 1, according to a spokesman for the Writers Guild of America – East, and are now weighing when they may walk off the job. Along with stronger diversity policies and cost of living increases, the union wants the company to back off its insistence on making union fees optional, the kind of “right-to-work” policy loathed by liberals and organized labor.