Former/current advisers UNLOAD on Sen. Elizabeth Warren in NY Times article over her DNA test

Posted at 11:18 am on December 06, 2018 by Greg P.

Get the popcorn!

The New York Times is out with a barnburner of a piece on Sen. Elizabeth Warren accounts from anonymous current and former advisers slamming the fake Native American for taking that DNA test:


One former adviser called her taking of the DNA test a “strategic failure” and called the whole episode “depressing and unforgettable”:

Libs are already out in force with criticism of the Times, which they blame for giving weight to Hillary’s email scandal.

It’s giving Neera Tanden, for example, PTSD:


Why can’t they just admit that what Hillary did was wrong?

Eric Boehlert thinks there’s “zero news hook” in the “hit piece”;

And this is just LOL:


Although at least some libs are being honest about it:

Anyway, Warren should have addressed this years ago and it’s her own fault that we’re still talking about it today: