Conservatarian mom @AnnaDsays reports that she’s being penalized for breaking Twitter’s rules and that for a period of 12 hours only her followers can see what she’s tweeted:

Here’s the thing, though: Nobody can figure out what she did to piss Twitter off or what rule she broke:

She certainly doesn’t know:

Here’s a typical tweet from @AnnaDsays that Twitter wants to protect its users from seeing:

Or maybe it was this edgy one:

Although she did rightfully call out the Sully-haters at Slate. Could this be why she’s being penalized?

Because a member of the public criticizing a media publication SHOULD NEVER BE CAUSE FOR A SUSPENSION:

Why does Twitter think this will help improve the community if Twitter will not even tell people what they did wrong?

And if she does the same thing wrong again that Twitter won’t tell her she did wrong, she could be banned for life:

Over to you, Jack, because this policy of yours is insane and behavior like this really deserves an explanation.



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