We’d have to say that firing a gun inside your mom’s house which then led to an hours-long standoff with police that resulted in absolutely nothing might be something authorities look at when they try to determine what went wrong:

From the WSJ which originally reported this:

Earlier this year, police were summoned to the home. Long was holed up inside; furniture was thrown around, neighbors said, and a bullet had been fired through the wall.

The street was blocked off, and police spent hours trying to get Long to peacefully come outside.

“They couldn’t get him out for a long time, like half the day,” said neighbor Richard Berge.

The Ventura County sheriff said in a briefing Thursday that deputies responded to a disturbance at the Longs’ home in April and mental-health specialists were dispatched. They determined that Long wasn’t a threat and didn’t qualify for an involuntary psychiatric hold.

So, why exactly did they feel he didn’t qualify? Unbelievable.




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