We’re seeing reports that Caitly Jenner’s Malibu home has burned down in the Woolsey Wildfire:

And director Scott Derrickson (“Doctor Strange”) reported that he lost his home as well:

Alyssa Milano’s home is at risk as well, but she, her kids and horses are safe:

James Woods even asked his followers to help her out earlier when she asked for help evacuating the animals:

And he has no time for politics today:

Actor Rainn Wilson (“The Office”) has evacuated as well:

More celebrities affected by the fire…

Mark Hamill:

Kim Kardashian:

Kevin Sorbo:

We assume Scott Baio has evacuated as well. This tweet is from Thursday:


Ex-soccer player Eric Wynalda:

Valerie Bertinelli:

And the set of HBO’s “Westworld” is gone, too:

Prayers, everyone: