What an awful story.

Two Saudi teens — Tala Farea, 16, and Rotana Farea, 22 — who had been living in Fairfax, Va. were found duct-taped together in the Hudson River on Tuesday after their bodies washed ashore on Manhattan’s Upper West Side neighborhood:

The NYPD is investigating but won’t say that a crime took place yet:

According to reports, the two were seeking political asylum in the U.S.:

And according to reports, the day before the gruesome discovery in the Hudson, an official at the Saudi Arabian Embassy ordered the girls’ mother to send them back home because they had just applied for asylum:

Holy s*it, to put it mildly:

The Saudi Consulate General has appointed a lawyer to oversee the investigation on their end:

According to the report above, the girls were with their brother in Washington. So, where’s he right now?