Editor’s note: See update below with comment from the man who made the video.

There’s a video going viral that shows a black Trump supporter in an altercation with a white guy at a restaurant, but it’s probably a hoax. Or at the very least, a prank, as it’s from a known Internet video prankster:

The video is actually from the YouTube/Twitter/Instagram account of “Funny Marco“:

Here’s the original:

Now, could this actually show a white guy attacking a black Trump supporter over his MAGA hat? Who knows. But base on some of his other videos…

Like this woman leaving her boyfriend over Popeye’s chicken:

Or this one where he makes sex noises in public:

Maybe it’s best to give this one a pass.

See the rest here:

Update: The video is a fake:

Snopes and others discovered the identity of the white guy in the video, who was reportedly in on it:

It is indeed a staged act and this is blowing way way over what I thought it was going to be. I am the one in the video. It was just a skit/joke. It was in bad taste. and I apologize to whoever it caused any issues with. It’s a youtuber/comedian’s page and we just did a reverse role play type thing. I didn’t know it was going to cause all of this … I wish people would realize it.