State Department spox Heather Nauert is under fire after she dared to post a photo of herself outside the Royal Court to Instagram during her just-concluded trip with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Saudi Arabia.

NBC News’ David Gura tweets, “If I were the State Department’s spokesperson, on an official trip to learn more about the dark, dubious circumstances surrounding the disappearance of a U.S. resident, I probably would have skipped the tourist-in-Riyadh photos. But that’s just me”:

We’ll note that she posts photos to Instagram on all of her trips, but for some reason *this* one is a problem but not ones from say authoritarian North Korea:

Or China:

Ana Navarro thinks this is part of a “coordinated effort” to help the Saudis:

Right. Tell us more, Ana, about the coordinated effort and who it targeted:

Or maybe she should have used a selfie stick:

You mean President Obama didn’t leave his in the White House for everyone to use?

And Ronan Farrow did “like” the photo, whatever that’s worth: