President Donald Trump is being accused of mocking SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford at his rally in Mississippi last night:

Dems were quick to join that line of attack:

But that’s not exactly how it went down. Here’s Ari Fleischer on how Trump just “pointed out many of the inconsistencies in her account — something the MSM won’t do”:

And Hugh Hewitt adds the “#BlueBubble assumption” that the president cannot attack the credibility of Dr. Ford “may not hold up”:

At least now — hopefully — the media will catch up on Dr. Ford’s growing credibility problem:

They’ve done this with Kavanaugh, but not with Dr. Ford:

But we won’t hold our breath on the MSM actually digging through said inconsistencies. The narrative that’s building on Twitter from media blue checks is that the crowd laughed and cheered after Trump’s remarks:

And the remarks have already been cut into a new digital ad, via former Hillary staffer Brian Fallon: