Texas Democrat Rep. Beto O’Rourke as apologized for a 1991 review of the musical “The Will Rogers Follies” which he wrote while a student at Columbia College in New York City.

Beto wrote of the women in the cast that their “only qualifications seem to be their phenomenally large breasts and tight buttocks”:

Beto told Politico who first wrote about the review that he’s “ashamed of what I wrote and I apologize. There is no excuse for making disrespectful and demeaning comments about women.”

Yes, we think it’s ridiculous that he was forced to apologize. But we do know what would happen if the were a Republican. There’d be an immediate call to investigate what else the candidate might have said or done in college with media coverage of it all to boot:

And we’ll note that Beto seems more sorry about the theater review than his DWI: