Lynne Brookes, a classmate of SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh from his days as a Yale undergrad. Ms. Brookes said that Judge Kavanaugh was “blatantly lying” in his testimony on Thursday about drinking in college, and since she’s a Republican we should totally believe her:

CNN then interviewed a second classmate, Liz Swisher, who “doubled down” on this accusation and said she’s ready to tell the FBI about Kavanaugh’s love of beer:

Yes, we do hope she talks to the FBI because she just said to Chris Cuomo that despite being a drinking buddy of Judge Kavanaugh and allegedly seeing him as a “sloppy drunk” on multiple occasions, she also didn’t see ANY “sexually aggressive behavior”:

Game over for this farce as the argument had been that Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted women when he was drinking. So, please FBI … INTERVIEW THIS WOMAN. Have her tell you all of the times Kavanaugh got drunk and didn’t do anything “sexually aggressive.”