Brett Kavanaugh was asked by Senate Judiciary Committee staffers what he meant by “FFFFFFFourth of July” which appeared in his high school yearbook. Recall that celebrity porn attorney Michael Avenatti defined FFFFFFFourth of July as:

Now for Judge Kavanaugh’s answer. In summary, it’s a new way the teens invented to say the classic, “F*uck you!”:

“So, ‘FFF,’ all that refers to is a friend of ours in the class, when he would say ‘f*ck you,’ he would often say it with a wind-up, like ‘ffff*ck you.’ And for reasons that are not clear to me today, at age 15 and 16, the whole group of guys thought that was a funny, inside thing, and it got shortened to the sound I just made was a number of F’s rolling together.”

Transcript here:

That’s WAY MORE BELIEVABLE than Avenatti’s version:

And this will come up — AGAIN — no doubt at today’s hearing.