Linking to a TIME magazine tweet declaring that “more than 500 sexual assaults happen in a single year at some military installations,” Sen, Kamala Harris (D-CA) called it “inexcusable”:

We agree. Now tell us more about who was president in 2014, the time period for when this study was conducted? From TIME:

Assaults most often occurred on training bases in the Army and Marine Corps. Both of the services were found to have installations where Rand estimated that in fiscal year 2014 there were more than 500 sexual assaults of men and women: Fort Hood, Fort Bragg, Fort Lewis, Fort Campbell, Fort Bliss, and Camp Lejeune.

The study found that sexual assault risk for women in the Air Force was lower than the average for women in other services, but the top three bases where it did most often occur were all focused on undergraduate pilot training.

Military installations in the Washington, D.C.-region, such as the Pentagon, were reportedly the safest places to work across all the branches.

Also let’s not forget that it was Dems who controlled the Senate for all of 2014. We should add her to the list of folks who need to answer for this “inexcusable” statistic:

We eagerly await Sen. Kamala’s investigation into why the Obama administration didn’t do more to protect women on our military bases.



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