This could be the best ad we’ve ever seen, via the Congressional Leadership Fund.

The man below is James Bryce, a police officer, who straight up looks in the camera and says not to vote for his brother, Democrat Randy Bryce, who is running to replace Paul Ryan in the WI-01 siting his brother comparing police officers to terrorists as well as his brother’s own arrest record. Really brutal stuff:

The ad has also pissed off the Bryce brothers’ mom:

But for some reason, she’s mad at the Congressional Leadership Fund and not James for absoluting nuking his brother Randy:

“I am disappointed and, frankly, disgusted that we are at a point where the Republican party is so focused on sowing division in our families and communities, with such little regard for the truth,” she wrote. “Shame on this ‘super PAC’ for running these ads, shame on its leader Paul Ryan for funding them, and shame on people of good conscience who choose to sit idly by and watch this pain inflicted upon a family in the name of partisan politics.”

Um, that’s not how it works. Especially with brother James brining up brother Randy’s arrest record.