During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, celebrity socialist and new leader of the Democratic party Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took a shot at President Donald Trump for not doing enough to help Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in 2017. Via the New York Post:

What we saw in Puerto Rico was a mass death of 3,000 people. It was the worst humanitarian crisis in modern American history and many, many people impacted by this storm point to government inaction as the cause of death,” Ocasio-Cortez told CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

The progressive darling said her grandfather died in a medical facility in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the storm, but didn’t elaborate on the details.

“You don’t know whether a hospital lost power,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “My grandfather was in a medical facility and he had passed away in the middle of the night. The people who pass away in these storms are the most vulnerable.”

She’s blasted the Trump Administration for not investing in Puerto Rico and for not fighting climate change.

“It’s acute situations like this in which Puerto Ricans continue to be treated like second-class citizens,” Ocasio-Cortez said. “Puerto Rico was given a fraction of the FEMA recovery as Houston, for example, in Hurricane Harvey.”

A few days ago, she said it’s time to stop “finger-pointing” and “INVEST in the Marshall Plan for Puerto Rico + transition to renewable energy”:

But BEFORE she won her primary, SHE was pointed her own finger, but not at Trump. She was criticizing her then opponent, Dem. Rep. Joe Crowley for voting for the PROMESA Act, which established spending restrictions and was signed into law by then President Obama in 2016:

She even gave Trump somewhat of a pass back then:

This backs up that the Trump administration inherited a mountain of problems on Puerto Rico, which is what made the death toll from Maria so high:

Thanks, Obama:

You see, they knew the power grid was “problematic” back then:

And like what Trump tweeted last week, the local government was “corrupt”:

It’s weird how the media no longer blames the previous administration from what Trump inherited, right?

FWIW, Hillary Clinton supported the PROMESA Act, too:

But it was unpopular at the time with many on Puerto Rico, including San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz:

And with Bernie Sanders, who ripped on the the “fiscal control board” required by the act:

Bernie left out that it was President Obama who picked them: