Yesterday we told you about how Waffle House, known for its awesome food and the ability to weather natural disasters, had activated its emergency operations center in preparation for Hurricane Florence. FEMA even uses Waffle House as a barometer of sorts and if a Waffle House is still closed after a big storm, that means the entire area is in bad shape.

With that in mind, this Waffle House in Shallotte, NC closing yesterday was a sign at just how bad things were expected to get in the coming days:

But not so fast! According to MSNBC’s Matt Bradley, this Waffle House was forced to close by authorities. And when they discovered that the Bojangles’ across the street had somehow avoided orders from authorities, they opened back up:

And now the two restaurants are in a battle to see who can stay open the longest:

America is already great:

But, alas … all good things must come to an end. Both the Waffle House and the Bojangles’ are now closed again:

Stay safe everyone.