Benghazi hero Kris Paronto was suspended by Twitter and forced to delete a tweet where he tagged and mocked the anti-Trump account @itmustend_ for that account’s tweet at SEAL Team 6 member Robert O’Neill saying that it was Barack Obama who killed Osama bin Laden:

In case you missed our post on Friday on that exchange between O’Neill, the SEAL who actually shot bin Laden and @itmustend_, here it is again. It really was pretty epic rake-to-the-face:

Now, here’s where it gets weird for Twitter. @itmustend_ never even reported the Paronto tweet and said that he “didn’t feel offended in any way”:

Shouldn’t Twitter, at the very least, need the person that’s been offended to actually report the tweet before demanding it be deleted?

But good luck getting any info out of Twitter: