Liberal Twitter is pretty psyched by this exchanged between Sen. Kamala Harris and Judge Brett Kavanaugh from his confirmation hearing on Wednesday where Harris asked the president’s SCOTUS nominee if he ever discovered the Mueller probe with anyone at Kasowitz, Benson & Torres law firm, which was founded by Trump’s personal lawyer Mark Kasowitz, and he couldn’t recall if he had or not:

Full video here:

The background here is that Kasowitz, in a letter to Mueller, relied on previous opinion from Judge Kavanaugh:

And Dems think there’s more there:

And from an aide to Sen. Harris:

But after yesterday’s performance, it’s time for Harris to put up or shut up, as the saying goes. Here’s Benjamin Wittes, a good friend of James Comey, saying “either Kamala Harris has something significant to reveal about Kavanaugh’s having improper discussions about the Mueller probe with someone from the Kasowitz firm or she engaged in a shocking piece of demagoguery yesterday”:

We will find out today:

But even if it was a “big nothing,” this was part of her plan?

To be continued…