CNN’s Chris Cillizza has a new piece out speculating on which “senior administration official” wrote the now infamous Op-Ed in New York Times:

The 13 names are (he added one after publication) Don McGahn, Dan Coats, Kellyanne Conway, John Kelly, Kirstjen Nielsen, Jeff Sessions, James Mattis, James Mattis, Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, Javanka and Melania Trump.

And here’s journalist Yashar Ali calling this speculation “absolutely absurd” and even “dangerous”:

Cillizza also doesn’t even consider that it’s someone nobody has heard of:

With agreement on that from team Hillary’s Jennifer Palmieri and Ari Fleischer:

As we told you last night, there are literally hundreds of people this could be:

So maybe cut the meaningless speculation clickbait, ‘eh?