John Kerry was on “CBS This Morning” on Tuesday to clarify his 2020 plans, saying “I doubt very much I’ll be running for office again”:

This isn’t really a flip-flop from what he said on Sunday during an appearance on “Face the Nation,” but it’s more of a response to the spin put out by CBS News that attempted to make it sound like Kerry was a candidate:

The CBS News spin certainly got the attention of the president:

But Kerry went on to make more news today when he gave the president the nickname “Agent Orange,” but then in true Kerry fashion he flip-flopped and walked it back:

“It doesn’t take you anywhere” which is why he said the nickname out loud. In other words, he was for the nickname right before he was against it?

Kerry went on to accuse Trump of using tweets as a “weapon of mass distraction,” which is also an incredibly weak statement:

Trump’s right. Hopefully Kerry DOES run in 2020, because history would repeat itself.