New York Governor Andrew Cuomo debated Democratic challenger Cynthia Nixon yesterday in New York City and it did not disappoint.

First up, here’s an exchange between the two where Cuomo accidentally admitted he’s a liar. For real:

CUOMO: Can you stop interrupting?

NIXON: Can you stop lying?

CUOMO: As soon as you do.

Talk about a “self-own”:

But then it got worse for the governor when he accused Nixon of trading on her wealth to get personal favors from the mayor for her wealthy friends. It turned out, after Cuomo’s lengthy attack, that he was talking about Nixon asking the mayor’s office to prevent helicopters from flying over NYC’s annual Shakespeare in the Park festival which gives free theater performances in Central Park:

Surprisingly, there were no questions on Harvey Weinstein, which was good news for Cuomo as news broke yesterday that Cuomo ended the state’s AG investigation into Weinstein shortly after receiving a big donation from Weinstein’s law firm:

And neither one wanted NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s endorsement:

Although after the debate, de Blasio did attack Cuomo for things he said during the debate over NYC’s public transit agency:

And over NYC’s homeless problems: