You know all the times people say on Twitter, “Don’t read the replies”? Well, this is the one time where we encourage you to read the replies, because they’re hilarious.

Here’s sportswriter Natalie Weiner who has gone viral over a tweet that showed a website rejecting her email account on the sign-up page because “Weiner” is considered “offensive language”:

And then others quickly replied to Ms. Weiner with stories of their own issues dealing with “offensive language” algorithms.

James Butt knows these problems well:

As does Steve Suconcock:

Ben Schmuck can’t even create his own player in the Madden videogame:

Philip Sporn reports that he intentionally spell his name wrong to beat the “porn” filters:

Matt Cummings has “been there,” too:

Mike Dickmman agrees:

But it’s not just last names that are an issue. Meet Georgian-American chess player, Nazí Paikidze:

More reports from those discriminated against for their last names:

All hilarious.



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