The blocking of people critical of CNN’s media reporters Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy continues with Caleb Hull as the latest to earn their ire:

In a DM with Hull, Stelter played the “I’m on vacation” card when asked about his recent tweet in defense of CNN’s Trump Tower story:

A “vacation” which included Stelter doing his Sunday “Reliable Sources” show with Dan Rather:

Call us crazy, but we might not understand that he’s on vacation when he’s, you know, at work and then tweeting about stuff:

Also in the DM, Stelter told Hull that “you don’t know the other sources for CNN’s story:

Right. We don’t know CNN’s other sources. But we do know that Lanny Davis was one of those sources and that he lied to CNN and CNN wrote that they contacted Davis for comment and he didn’t respond when in reality, Davis was one of the sources. Which, to be quite honest, is worse for CNN than getting burned by Davis in the first place: