Editor’s note: This is a developing story and details may change as we learn more.

Breaking news out of Seattle where we’re seeing reports that an employee of Horizon Air stole a plane and then crashed it on an island west of Seattle:

Video shared to Twitter appears to show the stolen airplane along with what looks like an F-15 in pursuit:

And photograph shared to Twitter show what appears to be smoke from the crash site:

Suspected crash site:

It’s unclear at this time if the F-15 shot down the stolen plane:

Latest update from Alaska Airlines (Horizon is subsidiary of the Alaska Air Group):

Update 1: Video of the crash:

Update 2: Sea-Tac Airport confirms the plane crashed in Puget Sound:

Update 3: Local coverage of the crash on Ketron Island:

And the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department is reporting that preliminary information is that the man who stole the plane was a mechanic from a yet-to-be determined airline:

Update 4: Audio from the cockpit and the tower:

Update 5:

Update 6. Pierce County Sheriff has ruled out terrorism:

Update 7: Latest from Alaska Airlines:

Update 7: More from the Pierce County Sheriff:

Update 8: Man who stole airplane brings up the minimum wage and race in conversation with air traffic controller:



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