Earlier this year, soon-to-be-former NY-14 Rep. Joe Crowley was dodging Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “catcalling” on Twitter for a debate, so the feisty Democratic Socialist took matters into her own hands and just showed up in person to find out why he was avoiding her. From May 17, 2018:

What a hypocrite. Maybe Ben Shapiro should just show up in person? (Yes, yes we know it’s not apples to apples.)

Rep. Crowley did finally accept the debate challenge after the in-your-face tactics of his challenger:

And things went pretty well:

Ocasio-Cortez even got to promote her favorite lipstick:

But Rep. Crowley chickened out of another event a few days later and Ocasio-Cortez let him have it:

In other words, calling out her opponent publicly on Twitter for a debate worked. Ocasio-Cortez ended up using Rep. Crowley’s cowardice to her advantage and now she’s going to Congress.

But now it’s reversed and she’s the one hiding. We wonder why…