HuffPost senior politics reporter Jennifer Bendery is reporting that President Donald Trump is using the phrase “17 Angry Democrats” as some sort of Bat signal for the QAnon conspiracy theorists:

You see, he’s used the phrase 3 times in tweets:

Background here:

As for the 17 number, media accounts have put the number of prosecutors at 17, with more being added. From Bloomberg in an article titled, “Mueller Taps More Prosecutors to Help With Growing Trump Probe'”

Mueller and his team of 17 federal prosecutors are coping with a higher-than-expected volume of court challenges that has added complexity in recent months, but there’s no political appetite at this time to increase the size of his staff, the officials said.

And Bendery is wrong about the number of times Trump has tweeted the phrase. It’s 4 times, not 3. The one she omitted actually explains it all. Mueller added more prosecutors to his time and Trump changed the phrase from “13 Angry Democrats”:

Trump first used “13 Angry Democrats” back in May:

And originally, way back in March, Trump called them “13 hardened Democrats”:

We’ll start screen-grabbing because it looks like she’s starting to backtrack:

And now she’s claiming it doesn’t even matter if her reporting is accurate or not:

Screenshots for posterity: