PolitFact fact-checked this from socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and found it “Mostly True” regarding the number of homeless in New York City compared to the number of “vacant apartment,” but holy s*it did they bury the lede. Why is the number of vacant apartments that are privately owned even talked about in the same sentence with the number of homeless in New York City?

Um, how are we supposed to take this statement? It sure sounds like this is what Ocasio-Cortez is proposing:

And as for New York City and homelessness, she’s 1) criticizing her guy, Mayor Bill de Blasio and 2) she  left out that New York City is already spending a ton of money to fight homelessness and provide better shelters. From a Los Angeles Times article from May 2018 titled, “New York is ripping up the playbook on how it shelters the homeless”:

This fiscal year the Department of Homeless Services will spend nearly $1.6 billion, its entire budget, on providing shelter. Last fiscal year about 115,000 different men, women and children resided at some point in a city shelter, where the average stay is longer than a year.

Nearly a third of those provided shelter are housed in hotel rooms rented by the city or “cluster apartments,” units in typically low-income, residential buildings. On average, the city pays anywhere from $85 to $222 a day to provide shelter and services for a household.


Charmel Lucas, 50, and her husband have been staying at a Holiday Inn in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, at the government’s expense, for about a year. The couple share a sixth-floor double room with a full-size bed, TV, desk and dresser. A nonprofit brings in three meals a day, usually cold sandwiches. The high-rise hotel also accommodates tourists and other visitors to New York.

In Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s view of the world, the most progressive homeless solution in America that is housing those in need at taxpayer expense in the same hotels that tourists use, isn’t good enough?